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It is a lot easier to get new patients when you are well known in your area. When you are branded, prospective patients will look for you directly and will be easier to sign up, Read more

Reputation Marketing

Marketing has changed! Patients pick a dentist by reputation these days and will check you out online where everybody can read anything written about you and everybody can write his opinion... Read more

Search Engine Optimization

As you know, your patients are searching online before they choose a dentist and if you are not visible they will be calling your competitors. Make sure you come up on the searches so you will get the calls. Read more

Social Media

Most of your patients are on social networks a large portion of the time. We cannot ignore it anymore. You can and should build relations with your patient base and explore options to get new patients from Facebook. Read more

Responsive Web Design

People are using their mobile devices more and more. If you are not catching this wave you are left behind. You need a responsive website that will look good on all devices and will get patients to call you. Read more

Video Marketing

People are more visual these days. Using Video in marketing increases conversion rates 90-230%! You can get your message across directly and get patients calling you Read more

It is remarkable how clever and good at his work this marketing professional is!" - Dr. Neil McLeod

Building Authority

This is a new service we have: we make sure both patients and other dentists perceive you as the expert and the market leader, not because "we say so" but by having you featured on national media like CBS, ABC News, NBC, Fox News, and more...

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