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Why Does a Dentist Need a Marketing Plan?

Offering dental marketing, we come across hundreds of dentists and cross paths with countless of marketing firms, big and small. That contact can be indirectly through the dentists we speak with or directly, through our industry (forums, events and so forth). One thing that stands out is that you hardly see marketing plans before the marketing starts…

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

dental marketing plan

It is not wise, I’d even venture to say wasteful, to do any type of marketing without a strategy. Being a commander in the army (well… 25 years ago), I will borrow that analogy of going to battle without any plan of attack oft defense. You will not have a chance in winning the war without a solid strategy (unless you have far more ammunition and troops than the enemy, which in our case means “unless you have far more marketing budget than any and all your competitors in your area”).

Most dental practices, when embarking upon marketing, are choosing different providers for different part of the puzzle and the results is a collage that sometime works but most of the time is not really effective. They choose one company to build their website, another for SEO, another for social media… and eventually no one is really working on smart campaigns to maintain patients or attract new ones. The result is a dentist that speaks with different companies that are not coordinated, spending more money than he should and seeing less results.

A lot of marketing companies, big and small, have a certain service they pitch right at the gate. It can be their only service (website design, SEO, Social Media) or the one they choose to lead with and then upsell more services. It does make it a lot easier and they will get more sign-ups, no doubt. They have one clear message, they do not confuse the clients (you) and can repeat it over and over in different forms (videos, reports, blog posts, ads, postcards…) BUT, it is not a “one size fits all” type of thing…

It is like a restaurant that will not show you a menu and choose a serving for you. Some people don’t eat meat, some need a special diet, some can’t digest gluten… it is better to ask a lot of questions first and get you what you want.

Because, it the company says “local ranking is important! we’ll set your Google+ page, YouTube and other directories” but then you need other things first (maybe branding and positioning, maybe your website is really bad and will scare people away…), then you spend money and won’t see results!

Instead, you should get a marketing plan done (a yearly plan) and then fine who can implement it. That way you’ll know what to do next and what to expect.

It takes time and knowledge to do it. but it is worth every penny and will save you thousands of dollars on the actual marketing itself. Do not compromise on your practice’s results!

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