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Not at all. Investing in marketing from the outset is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, marketing is the primary driver that brings revenue, ensuring that your income isn’t overshadowed by overhead costs. Without it, achieving your goals can take longer. Additionally, marketing helps establish brand awareness and build your initial patient base faster than waiting for referrals. Even with a limited budget, early marketing can offer a competitive edge and set the foundation for long-term success in your dental practice.

Comparing it to dentistry: If someone has a bad experience with one dentist, it wouldn’t be wise to swear off all dentists. Similarly, one unsuccessful marketing attempt shouldn’t discourage future efforts. Every marketing campaign differs in its strategy, execution, and circumstances. Previous setbacks might be due to misaligned targeting, outdated methods, or lack of optimization. What sets us apart is our unique and proprietary Predictable Patients Technology. It’s a tailored approach that you most likely haven’t encountered before. To understand the difference we bring, check our testimonials page. Real practitioners have shared their transformative experiences with our methods, showing the tangible results they’ve achieved.

While referrals and word-of-mouth are invaluable forms of marketing and can play a significant role in building trust and credibility, they should be a part of a broader marketing strategy, not the entirety of it. Relying solely on these methods can limit the growth potential of your practice. A comprehensive marketing approach ensures that you reach potential patients outside your current circle, positioning your practice to achieve sustained and consistent growth. Our strategies, like the Predictable Patients Technology, are designed to complement and amplify word-of-mouth, ensuring you’re capturing a wider audience while also deepening the loyalty of your existing patient base.

Marketing, like any business endeavor, carries inherent risks. However, our longevity in this industry speaks volumes. We’ve been providing specialized dental marketing services for nearly 15 years. If our strategies weren’t effective, our clients wouldn’t have partnered with us for years on end. Our unique Predictable Patients Technology sets us apart, offering a fresh perspective and approach compared to traditional methods you might have tried in the past. To truly understand the impact of our work, we invite you to visit our testimonials page and hear directly from satisfied dental practices we’ve assisted.

Handling feedback, especially when it’s negative, is crucial in today’s digital age. Negative reviews offer an opportunity for improvement and showcase your practice’s dedication to addressing patient concerns. When negative feedback arises, we don’t shy away from it. Instead, we help guide you on best practices to address the feedback constructively and use it as an avenue to demonstrate your commitment to patient care and satisfaction. Furthermore, our marketing strategies also focus on accentuating the positive experiences of your patients, balancing the narrative and highlighting the excellence of your practice.

Competition is indeed a reality in many dental markets, but it’s not merely about being seen; it’s about being memorable and establishing trust. We specialize in helping dental practices differentiate themselves from the crowd. By using our Predictable Patients Technology, we tailor marketing strategies specific to your practice’s strengths and unique offerings. Moreover, we emphasize storytelling, patient testimonials, and value-driven content to position you not just as another dentist, but as the go-to dental expert in your community. Remember, it’s not about being the loudest in the market but about resonating most effectively with the patients you aim to serve.

The world of marketing is indeed full of evolving tactics and strategies, some of which might be fleeting trends. However, our approach is rooted in proven methodologies and data-driven insights. We utilize our unique Predictable Patients Technology to understand your specific market, your practice’s strengths, and the needs of potential patients. This allows us to recommend strategies tailored for you, rather than a one-size-fits-all method. Additionally, by staying updated with the latest in dental marketing, we ensure to integrate only the most effective and relevant tactics for your practice. Don’t just take our word for it; our testimonial page showcases the sustainable results we’ve achieved for dental practices like yours.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Here from some of our top clients and what they have to say about Dentometrix and Barak Granot

An Expert In His Field
Even though I was far out of my comfort zone, he guided me every step of the way. Wow! I can hardly believe how he has helped my practice step up to a new level. I can truly say that Barak is an expert in his field. I look forward to working with him on new projects and working with a professional who cares about getting results the right way. Thank you.
Dr. Randall D.
Respect and Admiration
I have nothing but respect and admiration for Barak. His expertise in marketing and promoting across multiple disciplines enables him to brand your business in ways most people have never considered with amazing results. He is always looking for ways to make your company grow. I have really enjoyed working with him on my book and can’t wait to get started with DentoMetrix on building our online reputation. Contact him today to see what he can do for your company. You wont regret it!
Col. Dr. Bryan K
A True Professional
I was introduced to Barak not long ago as a part of selected group of dentists to write a chapter in a book. I know Barak now for few months, however it seems like a long time! He is very detail oriented and takes each project to perfection with a very pleasing professional manner. He is very disciplined and accommodating. His knowledge of practice management, marketing and self-promotion is next to none. I strongly recommend Barak for what he will provide for you.
Dr. Allen G.

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