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How Long Does it Take to Rank on Local?

How Long Does it Take to Rank on Local?

A lot of ranking factors are being changed by Google all the time and the time frame to rank changes with them.

There are 2 parts to ranking on Google (or any other search engine):

1. Organic Rankings – having the website appear on page one (hopefully at the top), not as a paid ad or on the “Google Maps”.

2. Local Rankings – this is what was called “Google Maps” or Google Local (technically it is Google+ for Businesses).

The latter is very important as it features the business with images and videos, with the phone numbers and location so that patients can call straight from the search results page, without even going to your website.

It also features the reviews which are a very important factor that determines if patients are going to call you or not.

So, how long DOES it take to rank on the local “area”?

Here is a nice article about the LOCAL ranking in particular: