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What We Do

dental marketing servicesDental marketing, and for that matter – marketing in general, is constantly changing. We have clients that have been with us for years and at that span of time we see that several critical points that need to be considered:

  • The digital marketing are changing exponentially – the changes are not occurring at the rate we were used to experience 10 years ago . Anything in the digital space is changing much more rapidly and if you cannot learn and adapt you will be out of business, like Kodak…
  • There are new marketing strategies that are coming out all the time. Some will be better than others and some will not pan out as expected (even if they work for other dentists) but generally speaking you can be an early adapter or be late to the party after everyone else already established themselves and you’ll try to catch up…
  • Some strategies will work well for several years (or months) and then will stop working… this is due to several reasons, like changes the providers make (Google, Facebook, etc.) and changes in the way prospective patients behave.
  •  Your target market is changing the way they are looking for dentists. We saw in the last few years more exposure through mobile devices and more importance given to reviews, to name 2 changes. But this is not all – there are other changes occurring all the time, like a reduction in patients loyalty to their dentist compared to past years. If you are not adapting and countering it with effective strategies you will lose your market share.

Therefore, when we craft our services we do not treat them as set in stone. Marketing is constant testing and monitoring. We need to tweak and hone all the time to ensure best results.

We like to think of ourselves as your marketing department that guides you and recommend the best route (but also can perform the fulfillment of the job in most cases).


What We Do November 18, 2013