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Responsive Websites

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While it didn’t matter so much in the past, Google made some changes that made it imperative to have a good, effective and converting website. So, we rolled up our sleeves and build just that.

One of the advantages is that our designs are responsive.

What are responsive websites?

In the past, when people browsed a website, it was always through a desktop or laptop. As a result, the websites were designed to accommodate that screen size. Today, more and more people browse the Internet using tablets (like iPad) and mobile phones. The smaller screen makes the “desktop design” unfriendly and unworkable and it often results in visitors abandoning the site. In fact, it is estimated that about 70 percent of all online users exit non-responsive websites within just a matter of seconds.

A responsive web design adjusts the look of the website according to the media used to view the website so that it will look different on a desktop, tablet and a phone, but on the other hand, it won’t be a different website. Any change on your website will show on the mobile version as well.

Benefits of Responsive Websites

• Increase exposure to mobile and tablet users-At first, this might seem to be an obvious benefit; however, far too many businesses continue to ignore this area of online marketing. When sites are slow or are not capable of performing on a mobile platform, users turn away. Through the use of responsive design, you can reach a much broader audience.

• Consolidated Analytics-There is no need for re-directions when you only have one design to worry about. Responsive reporting and multiple devices can now be effectively handled through Google Analytics. As a result, you can view everything via one report, giving you the benefit of easier analytics and monitoring.

• URLs Remain Consistent-Take advantage of improved marketing visibility when your URLs remain the same across all devices. The consistency in URLs also provides SEO benefits because your content and link-backs are focused in a single area.

Mobile devices will only become more commonplace and readily available in the future. Responsive website is no longer a luxury but a must in order to succeed in today’s competitive world.

Responsive Websites December 29, 2013